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Criminal background checks are frequently conducted in pre-employment screenings. A felony conviction will prohibit an individual from purchasing a firearm and carries other stigmatizing repercussions including limits placed on the right to travel to certain countries. Not all states let a person formally clear a criminal record (ie: Illinois), but you CAN still keep it from showing up on background checks. In some jobs such as in schools the entire criminal charge/arrest record is revealed to including “sealed records” and “expunged records.”

Basic information about erasing (expunging) a criminal conviction from your record: When records of an arrest or conviction are sealed or expunged (a notation is made in the file that the records are off limits to all except law enforcement personnel), defendants can, for some purposes, treat the arrests or convictions as though they had never happened. The rules about who is eligible for expungement, and the effects of expungement, vary from state to state.

Note: If you have a San Francisco criminal record, the Operation Clean Slate program (from the San Francisco Office of the Public Defender) can help you get your record expunged. In some instances the Public Defender will file the papers with the court for you. In other instances the Public Defender will refer you to an attorney who can help you through the process. Call Operation Clean Slate at (415) 553-9337 for details.

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A note from the makers of the “DUI Process” expungement manual: “You WILL be able to pass a criminal background check as it relates to your DWI record by following the information and steps in the DUI Process manual.

It took us 3 years of hard work and unimaginable aggravation to find some solutions. When we put all of our research together we found consistent patterns of success with certain activities, and began compiling “tricks” to getting through this process.

This manual is provided to help the person who was recently convicted of a driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated crime (DWI). By now you have undoubtedly heard from many people about how serious of a crime this really is. This manual in no way makes light of the serious nature of the crimes but merely serves as a guide to enable you to realize your mistakes and put them behind you.

Society as a whole can be very unforgiving and this manual if applied correctly will enable you to once again hold your head high and not suffer from the discrimination of a past crime. Once you can put these crimes behind you, you can move forward with your life. That is what life is about, moving forward and not backward.”

Learn How to Expunge Your DUI / DWI Criminal Record

Criminal Record Sample

The following is a sample of what an employer would see if they ordered a standard criminal record search on an applicant.

Subject Name: Doe, John

Social Security Number:

Date of Birth: 08/06/64

Jurisdiction / Location: Sacramento, CA

Search Type: FM

Yrs Searched – Higher Court: 01/06/94 – 01/04/01

Yrs Searched – Lower Court: 01/06/94 – 01/04/01

Result: Hit

Special Notes (if any):

Jurisdiction: Sacramento, CA

Report Type: Felony and Misdemeanor

Years Searched – Higher Court: 01/06/94-01/04/01

Years Searched – Lower Court: 01/06/94-01/04/01

Name Requested: Doe, John

Date Of Birth Requested: 08/06/64

SSN Requested:

AKA1 Requested:

AKA2 Requested:

Address Requested: —

Other ID Requested:

Name Found: Doe, John

DOB Found: 08/06/64

SSN Found:

AKA1 Found:

AKA2 Found:

Address Found: 4050 Fantasy Wy #001, Sacramento, CA

Other ID Found: DLN: AME880500000

Case Number: 99T03AME

Charge 1: 23152AME D.U.I. -(M) Dispo: Guilty. Charge 1 Sentence: 48 hours jail; 3 years probation; $1564.00 fine/fees; DUI offender program (amount of time not specified); attend victim impact panel (amount of time not specified)

Charge 2: 23152AME BAC over 8% -(M) Dispo: Dismissed.

Offense Date: 6/6/99

Arrest Date: 6/6/99

File Date: 6/22/99

Disposition Date: 7/27/99

Other Case Info:

ID Discrepancies:


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