Louisiana DWI Lawyer in Tangipahoa Parish

Louisiana DWI Lawyer in Tangipahoa Parish

Protecting Your Rights after a DWI in Louisiana

Protecting Your Driving Privileges after a DWI in Tangipahoa Parish

An arrest for suspicion of drunk driving in Louisiana is a serious offense. It can bring financial and emotional stress and result in consequences that can change your life. As difficult as things may seem, it is important to remember that you still have rights. A qualified and experienced Louisiana drunk driving defense lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

  • Tangipahoa Parish DWI Lawyer Tracey Powell will help you fight your Louisiana DUI charges
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  • Member of the National College for DUI Defense
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Tangipahoa Parish DWI Lawyer Tracey Powell has the knowledge of Louisiana DWI laws and the DWI court system to help you get the best possible result. Even if convicted, Tracey Powell can file appeals and preserve legal options for possible expungement of your case. She will aggressively defend your rights at all times to give you peace of mind.

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For a free initial consultation, contact Hammond LA DWI Attorney Tracey Powell by calling (985) 520-4811 or filling out the form to the left. Tracey Powell will take the time to listen to your story, review your case, outline your legal options and even discuss her fees, before you decide to hire her. Time is very important, so for the best result call Tracey Powell now.

About Your Driver's License

Following an arrest for driving while intoxicated in Tangipahoa Parish, the state will seek to suspend your license. This is a separate case from the criminal DWI. In fact, you could have your DWI dismissed and still lose your license.

You can request an administrative hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles and fight the suspension, however you must make such a request within 30 days of the date of your arrest. If you do not, you will automatically lose your license.

The DMV hearing is a complex process, with evidence and testimony being presented against you. Having legal guidance could help you keep your driving privileges. To learn more and to get immediate help with your license, contact Hammond Louisiana DWI Attorney Tracey Powell.

Penalties for DWI in Louisiana

Even a first offense for DWI in Tangipahoa Parish can result in fines, court costs, loss of license and jail. If you are found guilty you will have a criminal arrest record, which could make it difficult to find or keep a job or to open a credit account.

The DWI Laws of Louisiana are constantly changing and the penalties are getting tougher. It is now a misdemeanor to refuse a breath test on three occasions, regardless of the outcome of the arrest. The prosecution also has the ability to look back farther for any previous convictions for DWI in Louisiana. That could mean enhanced penalties for a new offense.

It is important to try and keep your record clean. Tracey Powell knows the law and knows how to challenge evidence presented against you. She will look for weak points in the District Attorney’s case. Tangipahoa Parish DWI Attorney Tracey Powell will fight for your rights and seek the best possible disposition of your Louisiana DWI. Protect your future by contacting her now.

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Hammond DWI Lawyer Tracey Powell practices criminal law with a focus on drunk driving defense. She understands that you usually need an attorney after a stressful and difficult incident, so she will guide you through the process with compassion and provide answers to your questions. Tracey Powell can schedule evening and weekend appointments, and will make herself available throughout your case.

Attorney Tracey Turgeau Powell clerked for a District Attorney, giving her excellent insight into both sides of a criminal case and giving you an advantage in the courtroom.

Tracey Powell is former vice-president of the Slidell Bar Association and current member of the Covington Bar Association, the American Trial Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. She is one of only 14 attorneys in the State of Louisiana, and the only one in Slidell, who is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Ms. Powell received an undergraduate degree from Southeastern Louisiana University and earned a juris doctorate from Loyola Law School. Attorney Powell is permitted to practice law in all Louisiana courts, as well as the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

If you feel you need treatment for alcohol or other substance abuse, contact Tracey Powell, regardless of whether you hire her or even have a DWI case. She will assist in getting you help at no charge.

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