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The State of Maryland will seek to suspend your driver's license following an arrest for a DWI in Maryland.

For immediate help, contact a Maryland DWI Lawyer.

Arrested for DWI

"Mr. Alpert won both my cases. My career could have been severely affected by a DUI conviction. Mr. Alpert's knowledge of Maryland DUI law and the MVA made me feel confident that we would win. Thank you for an excellent job!"
T. H.

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job that you did handling my case. Thinking fast on your feet the day of my hearing really made the difference. I would most certainly recommend your services to friends and family. Honestly, thank you."
P. S.

"My experience with Andrew Alpert was incredible. He represented me with such professionalism and had a true concern for a most favorable outcome. He was extremely skillful and knowledgeable about the law and handled everything without bothering me with the details. At the trial he simply went to the business of getting the best results the he knew possible with precision and confidence. As a result of his knowledge of the law and his bold skill my case was dismissed and I was able to keep my driver's license. In a word I would say Mr. Alpert is a phenomenal attorney. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing a DUI, DWI or any criminal charge. He's the best one could ever hope for."
M. B.

"Attorney Andrew D. Alpert was proactive in his approach while representing me in my first DUI arrest. I followed his recommendations to the letter and it proved most beneficial. The Judge actually commented on the fact that my attorney had advised me well. I feel that Attorney Alpert is competent, compassionate and, most importantly, accessible by a simple phone call. I am grateful for his guidance and representation."

"I debated whether to hire a lawyer or not, but consider myself extremely fortunate to have found this firm on the web. After talking to Andy Alpert for only 10 minutes, I knew I wanted him to represent me. I have found him, and his firm, to be not only exceedingly thorough and professional but also to be totally supportive of someone going through what can only be described as "stressful" times. They are "good" people. The ultimate resolution of my case has been excellent, far better than I could have imagined. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly."

"Mr. Alpert is an excellent attorney!! I would highly recommend him to others for representation in their legal matters. He remained dedicated and professional throughout my process. Additionally, the lines of communication were always open – he was never "too" busy to speak to. Thank you!"

"I have never been so impressed with an attorney's desire to fight all the way to insure that I could stay at home with my family and not just be content with what a State's Attorney would offer. If you don't choose wisely, you lose!! And I'm glad I came across the winning team. Thanks Andy."

"Choosing Mr. Alpert to handle my DUI case was the best decision I made since making the poor decision to drive after drinking. Mr. Alpert's expert knowledge, experience and relationships in the Maryland legal community make him the best choice for DUI/DWI legal representation."

"First I would like to say thank you Andrew! Pop always said you get what you pay for. I didn't want to accept "Probation Before Judgment" and that's what Cecil County Lawyers offered for $1,500.00. Andrew convinced me I could do that with no lawyer so why not trust in him? I am very pleased that I did. Andrew Alpert fought for me in Court and at the MVA. I am happy to say that I still have an impeccable driving record. All of my charges were dismissed. Clean Sweep!"

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