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from the date of your arrest for DWI in Maryland to request an administrative hearing about your driver's license. If you do not, your driver's license will be automatically suspended.

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Get immediate help with your Maryland drunk driving arrest from Rockville DWI attorney Andrew Alpert.

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With over 19 years of experience in both prosecution and defense, Rockville DWI Attorney Andrew Alpert has the skills you need to fight your DWI. Call (301) 880-0868 now!

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Distinguished from a DUI, a DWI is a lesser charge given to those who are caught driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.079% or below. Although this is below the national legal limit, the state of Maryland has adopted a zero tolerance policy and police have stepped up their enforcement of these laws. With heightened surveillance and increased patrols, you may easily find yourself caught up in the drunk driving crackdown. If so, contact a Rockville DWI attorney as soon as possible after your arrest and begin building your defense.

DWI Penalties for a First Offense in Montgomery County

After you are arrested for a DWI, a license suspension is immediately triggered with the MVA. You have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing with the MVA to contest your license suspension and a Rockville DWI attorney can assist you with this process as well as represent you at this administrative hearing. If you do not request a hearing, depending on your driving record, BAC, and other factors you could automatically lose your license for up to 60 days and 8 points could be added to your driver’s license.

Separate from, but in addition to, this administrative case, your criminal case could result in punishments including up to 60 days in jail and a fine not exceeding $500 for a first offense DWI. These penal and financial penalties are not the only repercussions of a DWI, however. You may undergo employment difficulties, the embarrassment of having a criminal record and much higher insurance premiums. You have a much better chance of avoiding all or some of these punitive measures with the assistance of a Rockville DWI attorney, so call (301) 880-0868 today!

Montgomery County DWI Attorney Andrew Alpert

Andrew Alpert has demonstrated the effectiveness of his approach to DWI defense with a long record of successes over his more than 19 years in law. With the highest Martindale-Hubbard and AVVO rating, Rockville DWI attorney Andrew Alpert has become one of the leading DWI defense attorneys in the state of Maryland. He is a member of several legal associations and is both Chairman of the Legislative Group of the Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association on Narcotics and the Maryland State Representative of the National College for DUI Defense. Not only this, but he is one of the few Maryland attorneys who is a Certified NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor and is often called upon to speak to law enforcement about DWI law.

There is no time to lose when charged with a DWI, so call Rockville DWI attorney Andrew Alpert today to discuss your case. In every instance you will be treated with the responsiveness and respect that you need and deserve.

Fight Your Montgomery County DWI

Because of the provisions of the Constitution, you have the right to defend yourself from all charges, including a DWI. There are many defenses at your disposal and your Rockville DWI attorney will examine all evidence to determine which one best suits your situation. The penalties of a Maryland DWI conviction are very severe, so it is important that you fight your charges and prevent the creation of a criminal record and the loss of your driving privileges.

Andrew Alpert has ample courtroom experience as both a prosecutor and a Rockville DWI attorney and has successfully defended numerous Maryland cases. Call him now for a free consultation to see if your case can be reduced or dismissed at (301) 880-0868.

DWI Lawyer Andy Alpert
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