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from the date of your arrest for DWI in Missouri to request an administrative hearing about your driver's license. If you do not, your driver's license will be automatically suspended.

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An arrest for DWI in Henry County, MO is a serious offense. DWI laws in Missouri are very complex and the penalties for being found guilty are severe, making it very important to seek legal guidance from an experienced Clinton DWI attorney.

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Matthew D. Lowe, Attorney at Law
Matthew D. Lowe, Attorney at Law
Matt D. Lowe
Henry County DWI Lawyer
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Call 24/7 (660) 885-9600

Clinton DWI Attorney Matt Lowe understands the DWI laws in Missouri and the DWI court system well. He will aggressively defend your rights and try to get your case reduced to a traffic ticket or even dismissed.

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For the best results and to keep your license from being suspended, you should contact Clinton DWI attorney Matt Lowe immediately by calling (660) 885-9600 or filling out the request form.

Mr. Lowe will examine the specifics of your case, listen to your needs and then outline your legal options. The initial DWI consultation is free and there is no obligation, so don't delay.

About Your Missouri Driver's License

Under Missouri DWI laws, following an arrest for drunk driving in Henry County, the state will move to suspend your driver's license if you refused to submit to a breath or blood test or you took a test and registered a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher.

The length of the duration depends on a number of factors, including whether you are underage, a commercial driver, have any prior alcohol related traffic offenses, registered an excessive BAC or caused an accident with injury.

There are ways to petition for an administrative hearing and fight the suspension, though there are strict time limitations. Failure to file a request on time will result in an automatic suspension of your license with no possibility for an appeal.

Even after the suspension period, to reinstate your license you must complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program, pay a fine, retake the license examination and file and maintain proof of financial responsibility under an expensive SR-22 insurance policy.

Clinton DWI Attorney Matt Lowe can help you petition the right government entity and represent you at a license hearing. In most cases you have only 15 days from the date of your arrest, so if you want to save your driving privileges you must contact the law firm of Dull & Lowe now.

Penalties for Missouri DWI

A conviction for first offense driving while intoxicated in Missouri can lead to a jail sentence, fines and court fees and loss of license. The duration and degree of the penalties increase if you have multiple DWI convictions. A second alcohol offense would lead to loss of license for one year, regardless of the length of time between convictions. Three or more offenses would result in loss of license for ten years and reinstatement would require a court order.

Missouri adds points to a driver's record with each traffic violation. An alcohol related conviction could add 8 to 12 points depending on a number of factors, leading to a lengthy license suspension or even revocation.

Being arrested with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit of .08% means the Department of Revenue will process the case both administratively and criminally.

Being found guilty of Missouri DWI would mean having a criminal arrest record, which could impact your employment opportunities and keep you from opening a line of credit.

Protect your future and try to keep your driver's and arrest records clean by contacting Henry County, Missouri DWI Lawyer Matt Lowe.

Matt Lowe, Clinton DWI Attorney

Matt Lowe was born in Clinton, Missouri in 1977. He graduated from Clinton High School in May of 1995 and continued his education, preparatory and legal, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Mr. Lowe received his B.S. in Political Science in 1999, and his J.D. in 2002. Matt was admitted to the Missouri Bar in 2003, and began working at the Law Offices of Dull & Lowe, LLC.

A majority of Mr. Lowe’s practice is dedicated to the litigation of criminal defense cases. He has represented hundreds of clients on various criminal cases ranging from traffic violations to Class A Felonies. This representation has included the defense of numerous individuals who have been accused of alcohol related driving offenses. Mr. Lowe has successfully defended citizens arrested for DWI in both their criminal case and in the driver’s license sanction actions brought against them by the Director of Revenue.

Mr. Lowe has argued a number of cases in the Court of Appeals in Missouri. Most recently, Matt successfully argued and won an important case before the Western District Missouri Court of Appeals dealing with the determination of probable cause in DWI cases. Mr. Lowe is also certified in the administration of standardized field sobriety tests and has completed the 24 hour NHTSA DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Course. In 2011, he traveled to Mansfield Ohio where he received several days of training on the DataMaster breathalyzer machine and he is now certified to operate the DataMaster. Mr. Lowe has also completed numerous other seminars dealing with the defense of drinking drivers and has also lectured on multiple occasions at Missouri’s largest DWI Defense programs for attorneys.

Mr. Lowe is a member of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (“M.A.C.D.L.”), the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (“N.A.C.D.L.”), and the Missouri Society for Criminal Justice (“MoSCJ”). Recently, Matt was elected as member of the Board of Directors of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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Matthew D. Lowe, Attorney at Law
Henry County DWI Lawyer
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Call 24/7 (660) 885-9600

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