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The judge MUST suspend your driver’s license and privileges for a DWI charge. You may be eligible to get a hardship license. For help call Yates County DWI attorneys Newman & Cyr at (607) 269-8330.

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The DWI Attorneys - Cyr & Associates
Cyr & Associates, The DWI Attorneys
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The DWI Attorneys
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Yates County DWI attorneys Newman & Cyr are a full service New York criminal defense practice with a focus on DWI defense. Newman & Cyr are known as the "The DWI Attorneys" and have decades of experience in DWI, criminal defense and DMV hearings.

Being charged with a DWI in Yates County, New York raises many questions. Will I lose my driver's license? How much will this cost? Will I lose my job? Will I be sent to jail? What should I do? For answers to all of your questions, contact Yates County DWI attorneys Larry Newman and Mike Cyr by filling out Request a FREE DWI Attorney Consultation form or by calling (607) 269-8330. Your inquiry is free and confidential. The initial meeting is free, so call now to start building your case.

Yates County DWI attorneys Newman & Cyr are a full service New York criminal defense practice focused on all aspects of an effective DWI defense including DMV Hearings, Pre-Trial Motions and Suppression Hearings, Trials and all Appellate matters.

  • Newman & Cyr have decades of experience in DMV Hearings and DWI defense in New York
  • Full-service New York DWI law firm ready to answer any questions you may have
  • Free initial DWI consultation
  • Speak with a Yates County DUI attorney right away to protect your driving privileges and your rights

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Have you been arrested for DWI in Yates County?

Newman & Cyr are well-rounded DWI lawyers who have impressive experience in all aspects of DWI law in New York. They are prolific writers on the subject of New York DWI statutes and have successfully represented many clients charged with DWI in New York. If you want a knowledgeable Yates County DWI lawyer to correctly handle your DWI case, then you can expect to get thorough and detailed advice from Larry Newman and Mike Cyr. Newman & Cyr are the authors of several books pertaining to DWI defense in New York, including How to Survive your New York DWI Arrest. They have also co-authored Strategies for Defending DWI Cases in New York, which is the 2011 West Thomson legal manual on New York State DWI defense used by lawyers. This book focuses on the best practices for handling all aspects of a New York DWI case. Included in Strategies for Defending DWI Cases in New York are materials Newman & Cyr provide their clients, such as a fee agreement and ways to avoid misdemeanor probation. Newman & Cyr were selected as contributors to this book based on their experience and professional standing.

Larry Newman and Mike Cyr look at each DWI case in Yates County or Penn Yan from many different angles, considering the legality of the traffic stop, the procedure used to conduct the Field Sobriety Tests, and all circumstances surrounding your DWI arrest. Oftentimes people wonder if mistakes on the police report are enough to get their DWI case dismissed, or they do not understand how it's possible that their BAC was three times the legal limit. Larry Newman and Mike Cyr encourage you to call them and talk about your DWI case. Newman & Cyr, Yates County DWI attorneys, handle New York DWI cases as their main area of practice. If you have any questions you may call them at (607) 269-8330 or refer to their blog or explore their articles by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

Newman & Cyr Legal Books

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Will I lose my New York driver's license after a DWI arrest?

It's important to begin building your DWI defense case correctly after an arrest in Yates County! The State of New York will suspend your driver's license immediately if your breath or blood test is .08 or above until prosecution. Under certain conditions, you may be eligible for a conditional license. At times a hardship license for DWI offenders in Yates County can be obtained. This hardship license is a restricted drivers license and is only allowed to be used for travel to and from school or work.

You only have 10 days after your arrest for drunk driving in Yates County to request a DMV hearing to challenge your driving suspension. The Yates County DWI lawyers at Newman & Cyr have the experience to make this appeal. All issues regarding your driver’s license are handled at a DMV hearing, which needs to be scheduled within ten days of your arrest. The DMV hearing is a separate hearing from your criminal case. The DMV hearing only deals with the matter of your driver’s license.

What are the penalties for a DWI in New York?

The consequences of an arrest for DWI in Yates County, New York can be huge, and determining the right course of action can be difficult and confusing. Fortunately you don't have to go through the process alone. Yates County DWI attorneys Newman & Cyr can help. DWI Attorneys Larry Newman and Mike Cyr will work to develop the best defense for you. They primarily focus on DWI defense, DMV hearings and DWI laws, and they can make a difference in the outcome of your case in Penn Yan or Yates County, New York.

A DWI in New York, as in most states, is subject to strong penalties such as high fines, jail time, probation, license suspension or revocation, a criminal record, a required ignition interlock device on your vehicle, and many other consequences. There are many things you need to consider when you're arrested for a DWI in New York. The first thing you need to consider is where the charge took place. What county were you in? Were you in Yates County? Were you inside the Penn Yan city limits? In which court will your case be heard? You should also consider the factors surrounding the arrest, such as if you refused to submit to chemical testing (breath or blood test), or did you participate in a field sobriety test? All of these make an impact on your case. For instance, a refusal to a breath test can require you to enter the Drinking Driver Program. These sorts of stipulations of a conviction are time consuming, expensive, and often cause a lot of stress.

After a DWI arrest in Penn Yan or Yates County, waiting to hire a Yates County DWI lawyer can be detrimental to your case. A DWI attorney often needs ample time to meet with witnesses, schedule court dates appropriately, or investigate your case. Don't wait, and meet with Yates County DWI lawyer Larry Newman or Mike Cyr, who will discuss your case at detail in your free initial consultation.

New York has some of the harshest DWI penalties in the country. Even first time offenders with a misdemeanor are looking at cost up to $1,000 in fines, up to a year in jail, and possible probation. Your driver's license may be revoked for six months. If you had a BAC over .18% at the time of your arrest, your fines increase to $2,500 and you can be sentenced to three years of probation.

A second DWI violation can be fined up to $5,000, and you can be sentenced to up to four years in jail. A third DWI violation in ten years can be charged as a felony, and can be fined up to $10,000 and also carries a maximum jail sentence of seven years. Other additional fines include misdemeanor surcharges of $160 and felony surcharges of $270.

Drunk driving charges are serious and it's in your best interest to work with a Yates County DWI defense attorney who can challenge license suspension, fight for a dismissal or reduction in charges, and investigate all aspects of your case.

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Are all New York DWI Cases the same?

As Penn Yan DWI lawyer Larry Newman and Mike Cyr will tell you, all DWI cases are different, and to fully understand the complexities of your case it's essential to speak with a Yates County DWI lawyer who's up to date with New York DWI laws. There's much to know about DWI law and the consequences of a conviction. Larry Newman and Mike Cyr will walk through this process with you, answer any questions you have, and represent you in court. You may not know the difference between license suspension and license revocation, or the separate fees they entail. You may be unaware of the rights you give up when you are placed on probation, or you may not know that the way the police conducted your stop was in some way unlawful. There are so many details to a DWI traffic stop, and to DWI consequences, but a skilled Yates County DWI lawyer will have the exposure and resources to access all the information you need to fully understand and fight your DWI case. Even if you believe you are guilty, it's still important to protect your rights and ensure that you receive a fair result. Whatever questions you may have, call Larry Newman or Mike Cyr at (607) 269-8330 and they will speak with you in detail about your case in your free initial consultation.

Yates County DWI Attorney Larry Newman

Yates County DWI Attorneys Newman & CyrYates County DWI attorney Larry Newman is a qualified and experienced local criminal defense attorney who dedicates the majority of his practice to DWI defense and practices throughout Yates County. He is available to consult with you on your DWI issue at anytime throughout the year. When you work with Larry Newman for your DWI defense, you will receive personalized representation on your case. You will speak directly with him. Larry Newman is a member of the New York Bar, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National College of DUI Defense.

Larry Newman received his undergraduate degree in Human Biology; he obtained a doctorate in Chiropractic, and then studied for his law degree. Since then, he has completed multiple certifications over a variety of DWI/DUI topics, such as a breath testing, field sobriety testing, DWI/DUI Science, the forensics of breath and blood testing, and many others. Larry Newman comes highly recommended from former clients as you can see by his stellar testimonials on the peer review site AVVO.

Get help now with your DWI in Yates County

To get the help you need with your DWI in New York, contact Yates County DWI attorneys Newman & Cyr by calling (607) 269-8330 or by filling out our Request a FREE DWI Attorney Consultation. The initial consultation is free and there is no obligation.

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Reviews by Actual Former DWI Clients of Cyr & Associates.
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I’m able to have the life I have today due to Mike’s dedication to providing the best possible defense.
— Tim

Mr. Cyr made it possible for me to be able to continue on with my future without a criminal conviction.
— Faith

It’s not that often you can find a lawyer who will invest over and above what you would ask or expect. Mike had that commitment.
— Satisfied Client

My two best experiences in Ithaca are my son’s graduation from Cornell and retaining Mr. Cyr.
— Corie

The DWI Attorneys - Cyr & Associates
Cyr & Associates
The DWI Attorneys
The DWI Attorneys
401 East State Street, Suite #400
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