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The State of Oklahoma will seek to suspend your driver's license following an arrest for a DWI in Oklahoma.

For immediate help, contact a Oklahoma DWI Lawyer.

Arrested for DWI

Oklahoma Super LawyerWestern Oklahoma DWI lawyer handling cases in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and all Counties in Western Oklahoma.

An Oklahoma DWI or APC arrest has serious consequences. You may lose your Oklahoma driver’s license, face a substantial increase in car insurance rates, pay large fines and court costs and possibly spend time in jail. You need a qualified and experienced Oklahoma DWI lawyer to fight to protect your rights.


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About The Hunsucker DWI Defense Firm

Oklahoma City DWI Lawyer John Hunsucker of the Hunsucker DWI Defense Firm has accumulated a highly successful record ofOklahoma DWI Lawyer John Hunssucker acquittals, dismissals and reductions in the defense of Oklahoma DWI arrest and alcohol related cases. Each Oklahoma DWI arrest is different, but note that Hunsucker DWI Defense Firm always starts with a goal of getting your case dismissed or reduced to a traffic ticket.

Once retained, Oklahoma DWI Lawyer John Hunsucker leaves no stone unturned. Unlike other DWI attorneys, Mr. Hunsucker visits the scene of the arrest and usually has his private investigator take pictures. If you submitted to a breath test or blood test, Oklahoma DWI Attorney John Hunsucker will request all maintenance logs on the machine used and his office automatically gets the Intoxilyzer computer downloads from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS). All videos tapes concerning your arrest or administration of chemical tests are requested, reviewed, and preserved for your DWI defense. Also, we keep an internal file of all police officers we come in contact with to be used for impeachment purposes if your case proceeds to trial.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, John Hunsucker has criminally prosecuted hundreds of Oklahoma DWI cases.  (Some attorneys will downplay this credential, because they have not obtained this valuable rare knowledge from the other side).  As Oklahoma’s premier DWI attorney, Mr. Hunsucker now defends hundreds of DWI, APC and DPS hearings a year ranging from DWI Felony Murder II to municipal DWIs. Frequently called upon by other attorneys for his extensive DWI knowledge, Mr. Hunsucker is a Director of the American Association of DWI Trial Lawyers, a Director of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Member of the National College of DUI Defense and is also a Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Fees and Payment Plans

Our fees are fair and competitive and in most cases, we charge a low flat rate which can be paid with payment plans if necessary.  There is no charge for your free consultation.  When you factor in our experience and proven results, Hunsucker Defense Firm is a good choice for those who want the highest quality of drunk driving representation at a fair and reasonable cost.

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Oklahoma City DWI Lawyer John Hunsucker serves individuals in Oklahoma City and throughout Western Oklahoma.

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