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The State of Oklahoma will seek to suspend your driver's license following an arrest for a DWI in Oklahoma.

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Eastern Oklahoma DWI lawyer handling cases in Tulsa, Oklahoma and all Counties in Eastern Oklahoma.

Eastern Oklahoma DWI Lawyer Bruce EdgeIf you have been charge with an alcohol offense, there is hope. The chance of you being found NOT GUILTY of a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Actual Physical Control (APC) charge may be better than you think. A breath test score of .08 or higher DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL BE CONVICTED. Tulsa DWI Lawyer Bruce Edge has successfully won cases in which defendants’ breath and blood alcohol scores were greater than .20 BAC and many cases in which blood alcohol level tests were over .10. YOU MUST ACT WITH IN 15 DAYS OF YOUR ARREST.

Tulsa DWI Lawyer Bruce Edge focuses on defeating DWI charges in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A Driving Under the Influence (DWI) or Actual Physical Control (APC) conviction in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a serious and permanent offense and can cost thousands of dollars in fines. There are many hidden cost of an Oklahoma DWI which only begin with insurance increases, loss of job and jail. An Oklahoma DWI or Oklahoma APC charge is a Serious Charge! You need a Serious Defense!

As a Board Certified DWI/APC Defense Attorney (1 of ONLY 33 in the United States), Bruce Edge understands the strategies, methods, and tricks of those who are trying to prosecute you. Additionally, his office owns and maintains 7 Intoxilyzer 5000 Evidentiary Breath Testing Devices, the same machine used in the State of Oklahoma. Furthermore, Bruce Edge has been trained at the same level as Oklahoma Law Enforcement on using the device AND trained as a Maintenance Supervisor on the device. But Bruce was not content. He has had extensive training in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Indiana, and Nevada over and above the state mandated program. He always wants to know more about the machine that anyone he is dealing with.

All lawyers may be ‘created’ equal but that does not mean the have the same trained, skill, ability, or desire to defend you. Do not make a potentially life altering decision without doing your research.  Avoid jail and select the best attorney for your defense. OKLAHOMA DWI ATTORNEY COMPARISON CHART

Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of a DWI. Let Tulsa DWI Lawyer Bruce Edge put his experience to work for you. Call (918) 582-6333 or 1-877-DUI-EDGE (toll free) IMMEDIATELY for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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After we have our Free Initial Consultation, Tulsa DWI Attorney Bruce Edge will begin creating a specific defense for you and you alone. At that time, Tulsa DWI attorney Bruce Edge will give you a firm price for defending you and place it in writing. You will know exactly what it will cost and exactly what services will be included. There will be No extra fees or hidden services.

About Bruce Edge
Tulsa DWI Defense Lawyer Bruce Edge is the only attorney in Tulsa and 1 of only 2 in the state of Oklahoma who is Board Certified in DWI Defense under the American Bar Association guidelines. There are only 33 attorneys who are so recognized in the United States.

Additionally, Mr. Bruce Edge is called upon routinely to teach other attorneys about DWI Defense techniques. Tulsa DWI Lawyer Bruce Edge has been quoted in the Tulsa World and local television stations interview Mr. Edge for comments and expertise on current legal issues.

Tulsa DWI Lawyer Bruce Edge has received national training in all aspects of DWI defense, which allows him to effectively defend his clients. This training includes Certification in administering the standardized field sobriety test (SFST’s).

Additionally, Tulsa APC Defense Lawyer Bruce Edge is certified as an Instructor of the SFST tests. This means he is qualified to teach the police officer how to PROPERLY administer and evaluate the test. Mr. Edge’s client’s benefit from this training because he literally knows more than the officer and can cross-examine him effectively.

Mr. Bruce Edge is certified under the U.S. Department of Transportation Guidelines through Florida International University in Administering the Intoxilyzer Breath Test. He has also been Certified by the State of Oklahoma’s Board Of Test, the agency that administers and oversees all breath testing in the state, as an Independent Breath Test Operator and additionally Certified by the Board Of Tests as a Breath Test machine Maintenance Supervisor.

Tulsa DWI/APC Lawyer Bruce Edge is an experienced and accomplished trial attorney. If you want one of the most qualified DWI Defense Lawyers in Oklahoma fighting for you, call Bruce Edge today for an immediate free consultation!

Cities and Towns Served
Tulsa DWI Defense Lawyer Bruce Edge serves individuals arrested for DWI – APC – Vehicular Manslaughter cases in all of Eastern Oklahoma.

Bruce Edge
Board Certified In DWI Defense under ABA guidelines
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