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from the date of your arrest for DWI in Texas to request an administrative hearing about your driver's license. If you do not, your driver's license will be automatically suspended.

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Protecting Your Rights after a DWI in Lufkin

Protecting Your Driving Privileges after a DWI in Angelina County

Lufkin DWI Attorney John Heath
Law Offices of John R. Heath, Jr.
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An arrest for driving under the influence in Texas can impact the rest of your life. If found guilty, there could be a combination of immediate penalties and many long-term consequences. You could be sentenced to jail, be required to pay significant fines and court fees, lose your auto insurance and have your driver’s license suspended. With a criminal arrest record, you could lose your job, damage your credit score, lose your professional licensing or accreditation and even be restricted from traveling to some countries.

  • Track record of success in defending people accused of DWI
  • John R. Heath is here to help you fight your DWI case
  • Aggressive representation in the courtroom
  • NHTSA Certified Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association 2006 “Presidential Award”

It is important to consult an experienced and qualified attorney who practices DWI Criminal Defense.

Angelina County DWI Attorney John Heath has the experience and court success that you need. He will use his knowledge of Texas DWI Laws and defense strategies to aggressively fight the charges filed against you. While each case is different, Attorney John Heath will seek to have your case dismissed or your charges reduced.

Request a Free Initial DWI Consultation

Lufkin DWI Lawyer John Heath offers a free review of your arrest. Once he better understands your situation, he will be able to outline your legal options and discuss his fee. There is no further obligation. To request a free meeting, call (936) 564-8744 or fill out the secure on-line form. Your inquiry will receive a response 24 hours a day.

Penalties for DWI in Texas

Following an arrest for drunk driving in Angelina County, two separate and unique cases will be filed against you by the State of Texas. One is a criminal case that is addressed in the courts. The second is a civil case filed by the Department of Public Safety to suspend your driver’s license.

You can challenge the DPS action by requesting an ALR hearing. This involves an extensive review of your arrest, and includes testimony and presentation of evidence. Having legal representation at the hearing will improve your chances of keeping your driving privileges and give your attorney insight into the prosecution’s criminal case.

This is an important opportunity in your overall drunk driving defense strategy. Call Angelina County DWI Lawyer John Heath today and ask him to schedule a hearing on your behalf.

The DWI criminal case can be an overwhelming process. If you are found guilty, you will be subject severe financial burdens, many legal headaches and even social difficulties. You need to fight the charges and try to keep your arrest record clean.

Hiring Lufkin DWI Attorney John Heath can make a positive difference in the outcome of your case. Time is very critical to the success of a DWI defense. Act now by requesting a free consultation.

About Angelina County DWI Attorney John Heath

Angelina County DWI attorney John R. Heath, Jr. focuses on providing clients with professional DWI defense. He has significant experience with DWI trials and a successful track record of helping those accused of drunk driving in Texas or impaired driving from alcohol or drugs.

Attorney John Heath is licensed to practice law in local, state and federal courts. He will handle all parts of your defense, including help with the license suspension hearing, building an effective strategy to challenge the charges filed against you and preparing for trial if necessary.

John Heath is a certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as an instructor in the application of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. He is an Executive Member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and has been deemed ‘Best Lawyer’ in an KTRE-TV East Texas viewer poll.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Time is running out. You could lose your driver’s license within days and the prosecution is already compiling evidence to seek a conviction for Texas DWI. For the best result, you must act quickly. Contact Angelina County DWI Criminal Defense Lawyer John Heath and schedule a free consultation by completing the form or calling (936) 564-8744.

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Lufkin DWI Attorney John Heath
Law Offices of John R. Heath, Jr.
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