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from the date of your arrest for DWI in Texas to request an administrative hearing about your driver's license. If you do not, your driver's license will be automatically suspended.

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Have you been arrested for DWI in Blanco County? As you may know, Texas has especially tough penalties against drunk driving, and a successful conviction can be very costly. At the Law Offices of Eric Torberson, Blanco County DWI attorney, the clients are top priority. You will be met with courtesy and provided with thorough information about your case and charges. Eric Torberson has a phenomenal track record of success and is well-known as a top criminal defense attorney throughout Texas. His astute analysis of each unique case pays off with fantastic results. You can be assured that by working with Eric Torberson, Johnson City DWI attorney, you will have an attorney on your side whose ethics and confidence could bring you the favorable results you desire.

Eric Torberson, DWI Attorney
Eric Torberson, Attorney at Law
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License Suspension

After an arrest for DWI in Blanco County, your license will be confiscated and you will receive what is called a Notice of Suspension. This Notice of Suspension informs you of when your driver’s license suspension begins. After you have received this notice, you have only 15 days to schedule an Administrative License Hearing Revocation (ALR) hearing. It is not mandatory that you schedule or attend this hearing. However, not attending means you will be forfeiting your right to contest your automatic license suspension after being charged with a DWI. Your Johnson City DWI attorney can attend the hearing with you to make a case and work with the Administrative Law Judge to try and protect your driving privileges as much as possible.

Field Sobriety Tests in Texas

You may be asked to perform field sobriety tests (FSTs) if you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. You are allowed to decline these tests if you wish to do so. The FSTs are used to judge a driver’s physical abilities such as coordination, balance, and cognitive function. Having command over these simplest of abilities is essential for safe driving.

For some, there may be difficulty performing these tests regardless of intoxication, which is why sometimes these tests are not adequate for determining a DWI charge. The results of FSTs can be marred by poor weather, sloppy instructions, nervousness, medical conditions, and many other factors out of the driver’s control. The tests used are the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Test, the Walk and Turn Test, and the One Leg Stand Test. The HGN test requires one to follow a fixed point, such as a pen, with their eyes.

A qualified Blanco County DWI attorney will investigate the circumstances of your arrest, including the procedure used for your FSTs.

Consequences of a DWI in Texas

The expense of a DWI charge is more than the average person can afford comfortably. What is worse than the initial hefty expense are the responsibilities you must fulfill to complete your probation. Certain courts may require you to meet regularly with a probation officer, assign you to time in jail, attend AA meetings, partake in MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) meetings, pay additional court costs, and even pay for alcohol treatment programs.

You have your initial fine, which for a first DWI can be as much as $2,000, and then all these other court-ordered requirements also cost money and time. Your license may be suspended for an extended period of time, complicating your life, how you get to work, how you even get to your probation appointments, or how you can complete the simplest of daily life tasks such as picking up groceries. DWI consequences are more than a criminal record, they are life-altering, stress-inducing, and can make many things downright miserable. This is why it is so important to fight your charges, protect your driving privileges, and enlist the help of an experienced and knowledgeable Johnson City DWI attorney. A Johnson City DWI attorney will bargain to have your charges reduced, and work out a plea that will have the most minimal impact on your life as possible.

Texas DWI Penalties

First DWIs are a Class B Misdemeanor in Texas, and as stated before the normal fine is $2,0000. There is a jail sentence for even a first DWI offense, which is between 72 hours and 6 months. Probation is often between 1-2 years. You are likely to have an alcohol or drug evaluation. There is a DWI Education class you may be required to attend within 180 days of conviction. You may be required to attend a Victim Impact Panel. It is expected that you will continue to work at a place of employment, not commit any other crimes, remain at your same residence, report monthly to a probation officer, and pay all your fines in a timely manner. There is a lot of maintenance with just one DWI conviction! Imagine if you were to slip up and receive another.

A second DWI conviction in Texas will cost you up to $4,000 as an initial fine. Your license may be suspended for up to two years.

A third DWI conviction can cost up to $10,000 and you may be sentenced to jail for up to ten years.

A DWI in which someone was injured is charged as Intoxication Assault, and can be punished with a $10,000 fine and up to ten years in jail.

It is essential you fight your charges with a Blanco County DWI attorney to avoid maximum penalties for drunk driving.

Hiring Eric Torberson, Johnson City DWI Lawyer

Eric Torberson, Johnson City DWI attorney, is a graduate of Texas A&M University and he received his law degree from St. Mary’s University of San Antonio School of Law.

Eric Torberson served in the United States Marine Corp as a Recon Marine during Desert Storm. He is a former assistant district attorney and is a member of numerous legal organizations, including the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the National College of DWI Defense Attorneys, and the Austin Bar Association. He is trained in standard field sobriety testing and was elected Judge Advocate for the VFW from 2011-2012.

Johnson City DWI attorney Eric Torberson is a criminal defense attorney with a strong focus on DWI charges. He is committed to his practice and belief that an ethical approach and level of unparalleled focus and integrity are key to the successful resolution of a case.

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When facing DWI charges, you should know there is a difference between general practice attorneys and attorneys who focus on DWI. A Blanco County DWI attorney like Eric Torberson does focus on DWI law and has vast experience defending clients of all kinds of DWI charges. Call now to receive supreme representation from Eric Torberson, Johnson City DWI attorney! Call (512) 340-7300.

Eric Torberson, DWI Attorney
Eric Torberson, Attorney at Law
9442 Capital of Texas Highway
North Arboretum Plaza 1 Suite 500
Austin, TX 78759

Call (512) 340-7300

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