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from the date of your arrest for DWI in Texas to request an administrative hearing about your driver's license. If you do not, your driver's license will be automatically suspended.

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Protecting Your Rights after a DWI in Texas

Protecting Your Driving Privileges after a DWI in Randall County

If you have been arrested for DWI in Randall County, call Jarrett Johnston right away to begin building your defense in court. Jarrett Johnston is a Randall County DWI attorney who offers experienced DWI defense and will fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced as much as possible. DWI convictions carry very severe penalties and requires the guidance and knowledge of a legal advocate who is thoroughly familiar with Texas DWI law.

Jarrett Johnston, Attorney at Law
Jarrett Johnston, Attorney at Law
Jarrett Johnston
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  • Dedicated to defending the rights of those who have been charged with DUI
  • Discuss your charges with an experienced Texas DWI attorney
  • Aggressive representation in the courtroom
  • Jarrett Johnston has long-term experience in DWI defense
  • Free initial consultation to review your case

Jarrett Johnston offers a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Schedule your consultation now by calling (806) 318-9131 or you may fill out the consultation form found on this page. Do not wait, because you have only 15 days to contest the automatic suspension of your license after an arrest for DWI, so call right away!

Texas DWI Penalties

An arrest for DWI can be frightening, and the court proceedings following DWI charges can be confusing. Additionally, you will need to request a hearing within 15 days of receiving your Notice of Suspension, which is served after an arrest for DWI. If you do not schedule your hearing within 15 days, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended. However, with an experienced attorney at your side for your driver’s license hearing, you greatly improve your chances of retaining your driving privileges.

The driver’s license hearing, called ALR, only needs to show that the burden of proof is “more probable than not”, and because of this these hearings can be difficult to win if you go alone and unprepared. Randall County DWI attorney Jarrett Johnston has experience helping clients with the ALR hearing and can also help you obtain an occupational or restricted license. Driving privileges give you freedom to move about your daily life and they are important to protect, so do not miss the deadline to schedule your hearing. Even if your DWI case is dismissed, your license can still be suspended if you do not contest the suspension at the ALR hearing.

DWI Penalties

DWI charges are serious and penalties often include thousands of dollars in fines, jail time, probation, and license suspension. It is important that you work with a Randall County DWI attorney who has experience, knowledge, and history of success. A DWI conviction will go on your permanent criminal record, and can prevent you from future job opportunities, acceptance to universities and colleges, and your insurance premiums may increase substantially. Fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed with Randall County DWI attorney Jarrett Johnston, who takes an aggressive and just approach to defending clients accused of DWI.

Jarrett Johnston, Randall County DWI Lawyer

Jarrett Johnston is a dedicated Randall County DWI attorney. He is proud of his deep understanding of Texas DWI law, and will help guide you towards the best possible resolution of your case. It is his duty to navigate the often complex and bureaucratic system to ensure the best results for you in your case.

Jarrett Johnston obtained his Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 2004. He values his practice and enjoys serving his clients by providing the best defense possible against their DWI charges. For optimal criminal defense, call Canyon DWI attorney Jarrett Johnston today.

For immediate help with your DWI case, schedule your free initial consultation by calling (806) 318-9131 or by filling out the consultation form found on this page.

"Mr. Johnston was excellent. My son was charged with a DWI in Amarillo. Mr. Johnston spent a great amount of time with me, my husband and my son explaining the entire process. We were very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend him." - Sarah, a DWI client

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Jarrett Johnston, Attorney at Law
1800 S. Washington Street
Suite 115
Amarillo, Texas 79102

Call 24/7 (806) 318-9131


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